#beautytips for 2017

2017 is HERE.......& so are a few tips for all you #beauties. Regardless of our "true" age, (really I'm still 27 😉) we can all look & feel our best every day.........

1. Drink LOTS of water:  

staying hydrated is so important for beautiful glowing skin & overall health.  

2. Follow a Skincare Regimen:  

I know, I know.....we are all busy but really a good skincare routine is vital to keeping your skin fresh & glowing. Plus it reduces the signs of aging (really😃). My favorite is the RE9 system introduced to the market several years ago by Arbonne. With a delicious Citrus smell, this system reduces the fine & wrinkles of everyday plus tones & firms the skin for an overall younger appearance. It's like the "fountain of youth" at our fingertips.  

3. Cosmetics:

 whether you are the "powder, mascara & GO" type or "full-face of makeup" type, having cosmetics that are toxin-free are a must. Recently so many studies have been published with evidence that so many harsh chemicals (like formaldehyde.......if you are reading this then you are still "above the grave" so why do that to your body now?), animal by-products, parabens (linked to cancer) & other agents have been used in the making of the Popular Cosmetic Brands that are readily available. Not only are these "agents" bad for our skin, they are also bad for our Health. So it's extremely important to choose a Brand that is consistent with being "toxin-free"..........plus it enhances your Skincare Regimen for maximum results. Again my favorite is linked to the Arbonne Company because of their Motto of "Pure, Safe, & Beneficial".

4. Detox your Body:  

While this sounds a little scary, it really is necessary for overall Health & Life. We live in an age of 'Fast is better' & 'Cheaper is easier'.....we skip Meals & then fill-up on foods that provide no nutritional value.........we eat "on the run"........& while we all "look" fine & healthy our body is actually starving for the essential nutrients & vitamins on the inside that it so desperately needs to function. Doing a Body Detox every few months helps the body eliminate that toxins & helps restore overall Health. It also helps the body ramp up your natural energy (we all need that), & helps your vital organs release toxins that keep them from functioning properly.  Another benefit of "detoxing" is weight loss.  By eliminating the bad foods & replacing with the good foods your body will naturally release the extra lbs packed on during the Thanksgiving/Christmas season. Plus you learn Healthy Habits to Maintain the Weight Loss & Feel Your Best. The Best Plan out there is Arbonne's 30 Day Detox. The plan is very cost effective (basically $9/day for 2 meals/day), & the private coaching groups are engaging with Free Grocery Lists & Recipes to help you learn how to Cook & Eat Clean.  My own story of detoxing began 3 yrs ago. I was 25lbs over weight, had little to no energy, & hurt in every joint possible. In as little as 1.5 weeks into the plan I noticed my energy level improving (I no longer needed to nap to make it thru my day), I could easily get out of bed In the morning, & the weight was literally melting away. Within 5 months I had shed all 25lbs. But the best part is that I had the knowledge & know-how to maintain the weight loss for a lifetime. Fast forward to 2017.......the weight loss had been maintained & my family now eats cleaner & is leaner.  

I hope these tips help you out & that 2017 is #yourbest year yet!


I would love to hear some of your #beautyobsessed tips.  #togetherwearebetter #community #share