1. Keep it simple & set aside an Emergency Fund because believe me when you commit to a plan, emergencies will arise! I recommend anywhere from $500 to $1,000 depending on your Family's Income! 

2.Use a Debt Snowball to track all debts owed. Start with the one with lowest balance, pay it off, then apply that payment to the next in line. Continue the plan until ALL debts are paid! 

3.Put Away 3 to 6 months of Income into Savings! 

4. INVEST in YOUR FUTURE by investing 15% of your Income into a Roth IRA or Pre-Tax Retirement Plan. Retirement will be here before you know it & you will want to be ready! 

5. Start Saving for your child's COLLEGE EDUCATION!  I know all to well just how expensive College is these days as well have put one through Nursing School & another through Cosmotology School. And we still have two kids left to go!

6. PAY OFF Your Home EARLY! This can easily be achieved by paying more than the required amount. And is even better when you pay half the payment every two weeks. This will cut the Interest Paud in half!

7. Continue to BUILD WEALTH & GIVE GIVE GIVE! After you have completed all 6 steps, continue building your wealth by investing & GIVE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! That's the Fun Part. There's just nothing better than being able to Lend A Helping Hand when a Need Arises! 


I would LOVE for you to share Your Tips of Creating Financial Freedom! Please Share in the Comments Below!