I know I know…….the words Debt-Free are kinda scary & may even be words that you don’t even dare to voice.  I seriously, was so nervous to even think about being debt-free 5 years ago!  However, I knew that in order to fully alleviate my own personal stress & to maximize my earnings I needed to be able to pay my bills & still have money left at the end of the month.  In our fast-paced, instant world most of us just live paycheck to paycheck & only dream of the day when all our debts are paid & we can splurge on that so needed Vacation, or purchase our Dream Car, or even just send our kids to college.  Well, I am Happy to report that after 5 years, my Family is Debt-Free!  Friends, I promise the journey is so worth it & we have found peace like we’ve never known before!  

Here are 5 ways that helped us in our Journey to Debt-Free Living:

1.  Budget

  Track your expenses & make a list of where every penny goes.  You will be surprised at what you discover & will see areas where your spending can be cut!

2.  Dine At HOME: 

This can be a hard one, but with just a little preparation, dining at home can be so much cheaper & also start a tradition of catching up with family members over a delicious meal.

3.  Movie Night

Instead of going out to the Movie Theater choose to Rent At Home or from Red Box.  Lots of memories can be made with Family Movie Night, a shared bowl of popcorn, & bathroom breaks are made so much easier!

4.  Take Your Lunch To Work

It is estimated that people spend an average of $10 on lunch, 5 days a week.  Add that up for a month & you’ve spent $250 per month & $3,000 over the year!  Decide today to take your lunch & save that $3,000 for that much needed Vacation or better yet apply that amount to a credit card or house payment!

Some ideas for Yummy Lunch-Time Meals include:  leftovers from supper the night before, fresh fruit & veggies, a healthy protein shake (takes seconds to make but feels you up!  My Favorite is Arbonne’s Vanilla & Chocolate Protein Powder Check it out at: janereeves.arbonne.com

5.  Paying Off Debt

List your debts from the smallest balance to the highest balance.  With every dollar saved above apply to the debt with the lowest balance in addition to the monthly payment.  Keep doing that until that debt is paid, the take that amount & apply to the next on the list.  Just repeating this simple system over & over again will add up to paying off a lot of debt over a period of time.

Yes, paying off debt does take time, but it is so worth it in the end!  

I would love to read some of your suggestions of how you stay debt-free in the comments below!