5 Tips to Stay Positive in A Negative World

Hey friends, just wanted to share a few tips to help you stay positive in a negative world! Day in & Day out our mind is constantly soaking up all the negative around us, whether it be a negative co-worker or boss, or the news on TV, the Internet, or in even in our Inbox!  We all have that "negative voice" in our heads that just loves to pop in to state all the reasons why we "can't"........


 (seriously no offense to anyone named Susan.)

(Thank You Deanna Herrin for naming the negativity) 

Susan is constantly popping in all day long telling us we aren't pretty enough, we aren't smart enough or that we can't make good decisions. She even questions when we have the desire to take that new job offer & states every reason we should not! To keep a POSITIVE MINDSET we need to be aware of her ploys & politely KICK "SUSAN" OUT THE BACKDOOR!

Below are a few tips to help you stay Positive: 

1. SPEAK VISION over Your Life! Know your goals & where you are going.  Breath Life into those around you & Lift Others Up! BELIEVE You Can do anything!

2. BE YOURSELF! There's nothing more beautiful than for a woman to have confidence in "who" she is & transparent with others about her successes & failures. 

3. READ MOTIVATIONAL BOOKS!  To stay Positive we must constantly Pour In with Personal Growth! Some of my Favorite Reads are: The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, Undaunted by Christine Caine, All In by Mark Batterson, The Traveler's Gift by Andy Andrews

4. PRAY & READ THE BIBLE! There's nothing any better than filling your cup with God's Word! I absolutely LOVE reading Psalms & can always find a verse to lift my Spirit! 

5. BE ON PURPOSE about what you allow to infiltrate your mind! Watching negative TV, movies, or music can make such an impact. Decide today to filter everything to have a lasting positive impact! 

Friends, you were MADE FOR MORE!!!! Live the Life that you Deserve & Walk In the Light of Who God designed you to be! There is so much MORE than Just living day to day......STAY FOCUSED on Your DREAMS & STAY POSITIVE!

I would LOVE for you to share Your Tips for staying Positive in the comments below!