Not A Plain Jane -- The Girl Behind The Blog

Coming from a small town, I always knew I was meant for more – my calling was for a Higher Purpose. However, growing up I always struggled with not knowing what I was called to do. My life was full of Jesus, laughter, love, perfectionism, performing and striving to always be my best. I was taught to always do my best, regardless of the circumstances so I guess that is when I started living a life of what I call “resilience”.

No matter what, I could shake off all the negative junk around me and persevere. I created a “tough” outer shell that truthfully aided in my being where I am today. However, one person can only run so long from their true calling.

In 2012, my family was hit with what I have named “Our Family Health Crisis”. My 21-year-old step-daughter was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer and then 5 months later, my Dad was diagnosed with Stage 5 Lymphoma. So you can see we were in true crisis-mode. My husband was taking his daughter to MD Anderson for her treatments while I was driving my Dad to Little Rock AR every single day for his treatments.

It was a crazy time of merely “surviving”, however it was during these 10 months that I noticed just how many people all around us were sick, were struck down with disease, who were merely just “existing” from treatment to treatment, strung out on every medicine known to man. Each with their own set of health issues, with their own diagnosis, with their own link to cancer.

Of course, we were in “survival” mode so the impact of what I saw was not realized until months later.

In the process to taking care of our precious family and sitting in the hospitals, my husband and I did what almost everyone does: We ate. We ate out of stress, out of boredom, because cookies, pizza and Starbucks seemed to numb the pain of watching those you love go through so much. And I gained 25 pounds!

Now being 5‛3” you can imagine how noticeable that was for this short, petite girl! And this girl did not like all the “extra”, nor did I feel good about myself or what I looked like.

It was in this moment I began to process what the doctors had told us about what they know about cancer – cancer feeds on sugar, so many of the foods we call “normal” are laced with additives, preservatives, & artificial sugars. Our children are all well-fed and growing, but starving nutritionally on the inside.

The more I learned, the more I wanted a plan that could teach me how to eat to live instead of living to eat, a plan that would walk hand in hand with changing my lifestyle, as well as the lifestyle of my entire family, bringing about total health and Wellness. That is exactly when I discovered Arbonne's 30 Days and Beyond to Healthy Living.

To say that Arbonne has changed my life is an understatement, but from the start of my Get Healthy Journey I was amazed at the overall changes in my appearance in relatively a short amount of time. To know me, is to know that as “not a plain jane” I don't do anything halfway. Hahahaha! I either don't do anything at all or I run full out! (can you relate?)

So I decided to put this plan to the test and jump on right away during Thanksgiving! To my surprise, I was so pleased to realize this plan was just like pushing the “easy” button for my busy, crazy life.

The protein shakes were amazingly good and perfect for on-the-go. And learning how to cook “clean” wasn't as hard as I thought it would be! There was also a fun, supportive Facebook group that provided daily interaction and suggestions, as well as grocery lists and recipes! I was surprised to find that cooking and eating clean for Thanksgiving was received well by all my family, and by the end of November I had lost 8 pounds!

Of course I wanted to go for round 2 in December so I signed up for the consultant discount to help maximize my back pocket. It was toward the end of December when I began to feel God nudging me to share Arbonne with everyone I knew, to love and serve those closest to me by teaching them how to eat clean and supplement for overall health.

My first response was “God seriously, do you know what I do all day? (as if He doesn‛t right?) Do you know how busy I am being a Mom and office manager of our family business? Do you know that I have absolutely no time for another business?”

Of course, God just kept whispering in my ear “share Arbonne with everyone” .

Then the text came from my friend and sister in Christ, ERVP Gena Fryar. Very sweetly she simply said “Hey, I know you said you weren't interested in working your Arbonne business, but I just want you to know that you have qualified to promote to District manager this month. I would love to help you and work with you if you are interested in promoting”.

Talk about confirmation! I hear you Lord! So my Arbonne business journey began. With a shout out from my Loving God & through the confirmation of one text message.

To say God has blessed this business and my family through this business is an understatement. In just 8 short months, I was able to retire from my 9 to 5 of 18 years and come home to my family, my kiddos and My Life. I stepped into time freedom like I‛ve never known and into the purpose for which He has called me to fulfill. 

Arbonne is the vehicle that helped me earn an amazing income and realize my passion for loving and serving others as well as helping so many step into their greatness. It has shown me my “Why” in this life, which is to love, serve, and build up my family and everyone around me.

Arbonne is the link guiding me to who I truly am in Christ and for that I am eternally grateful. Not to mention the amazing, inspiring friends and culture surrounding this business.

I don't know where you are in Life or what you were created for, but I do know that Arbonne can be the vehicle to empower you to step into your greatness and into what God called you to do.

Will you Dare to Dream with me?